The Weapons Of Our Warfare

The elections of 2016 mark the re-emergence of America as a beacon of hope for the world  or a people determined to continue the downward course of lawlessness, moral degradation, spiritual darkness, division, and anarchy.  What follows the downward spiral is totalitarian government and the loss of our freedoms, including our religious freedoms.


Voting Booth Voters Evangelical Christians, as the largest voting bloc in the nation will be the deciding factor.  They will either VOTE by the fallible fancies of appearance, personality, and passionate narratives conceived and delivered to appeal to our desires, and be deceived – as they were with Barack Obama – or VOTE wisely for the candidate who has demonstrated a strong loyalty to the God of Heaven and Earth, a love for truth, a deep and abiding respect for the laws of the land, and a disdain for avaricious gain.