Why Ted Cruz Won The Iowa Debate

Ted Cruz was right last night in Des Moine, Iowa when he said to Chris Wallace, “Debates are about Policy and Substantive Solutions”.

The following video clips of Cruz debate comments illustrate the truth of his response to Wallace.

Megyn Kelly’s Post Debate Admission Ted Cruz was right in his statements about Amnesty

Cruz defends his opposition to ethanol subsidy

Cruz speaks clearly about his opposition to career politicians in both parties

Cruz on Obamacare and what we should replace it with

Debates (and decisions about which candidate to vote for, should not be based on emotional responses to repetitive personal narratives or personality, and who had the best one liner.

It should be based on who has the ability to think clearly about the challenges we face, present the most cogent, principled, and well reasoned solutions in light of the facts, and consistently demonstrated he would effectively stand by those policy positions as President of The United States.

That person has been Ted Cruz since his teenage years.