A Petulant Child As President?

Yesterday, Donald Trump had a childish meltdown and withdrew from tonight’s Fox News debate when he couldn’t get Fox President Roger Ailes to remove Megan Kelly as one of the three moderators of the later debate on Thursday night.  His withdrawal should tell us all a lot about what the Donald would be like in a Trump White House.  And we thought Barack Obama was petulent  in repeatedly attacking Republicans when they would not go along with his far left progressive ideas!


When Trump, the great deal maker, didn’t win this one with a mere American business tycoon, what might he do when Putin or some other dictator tells him to take a hike?  Or for that matter what he might do if Republicans in Congress resist his strong arm let’s make a deal with the progressive democrats simply because Trump wants to?


Instead of cutting a deal with Trump, Ailes demanded Trump apologize to Megan Kelly who Trump used the word “Bimbo” to describe her, further demonstrating he is not only a sore loser, but as Megan Kelly pointed out in the first debate, doesn’t care who he insults, whether it is fellow Republican candidates or women. His subsequent insults about his fellow Republican rivals and Kelly, prove her point.


Do Iowans and for that matter, all Americans, want a President who demonstrates this type of childish behavior when he doesn’t get what he wants?


Contrast the Donald’s behavior with that of Ted Cruz who refused to say anything bad about his friend Sarah Palin when Palin endorsed Trump, causing many to wonder what type of ‘deal’ Trump must have made with Palin.  Trump’s liberal stand on a number of issues are in direct opposition to Palin’s oft stated view. So why would she endorse Trump? The same can be said for Jerry Falwell Junior‘s endorsement of Trump.  Can Liberty University expect to receive a sizable donation sometime in the future?


Too many questions arise concerning what kind of ‘deals’ Evangelicals and Conservatives can expect Trump to make with the Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and Hillary Clinton ‘progressive’ crowd if he is elected.


One of the many questions all Republicans, not just Evangelicals and Conservative, should be asking is… “Why trust a lifelong liberal democrat to occupy the White House and whose friendship and finances have gone to those who support tax payer funded abortion, same sex marriage, top down elitist government control of healthcare and virtually all of American life, simply because he  promises to make ‘great deals’ that will make America great again?