Oregon’s Marijuana Debate Turns Ugly

Covering up the truth with the aid of State and Federal government

If you are not aware of efforts by state of Oregon and federal agencies to suppress important information about the use and abuse of marijuana in Oregon Counties, and its affect on our youth, you should be. It is a scandal of growing proportions with far reaching implications for county and state government, education, families, law enforcement, and public safety. It is a story no one in the news media, especially Oregon’s liberal newspapers, wish to uncover. It appears they are complicit in George Soros’ agenda to legalize pot in America.

The history of this well intended project

In 2013 and early 2014 a series of public forums around the State of Oregon coordinated by Oregon County Prevention Specialists was approved for the first week in October, 2014. These Specialists are the most knowledgeable persons in the state on substance abuse prevention including marijuana, and their effects on our youth and communities.

In August of 2014, however, as it became apparent to the pro marijuana campaign that these forums were going to be a threat to the passage in Oregon of what we now know as Measure 91, these County Prevention Specialists started receiving emails and phone calls from some of their superiors both in Salem and D.C. that they were to wait until after the November 4th General Election to hold these forums. Any thinking person can make the connection between the pro-marijuana movement, led by George Soros sponsored Drug Policy Alliance and the Marijuana Policy Project funded by deceased billionaire and Colorado activist Peter Lewis and their influence on both State of Oregon and Federal agencies.

Is this what we spend our hard earned tax dollars for?

The evidence is clear. The government is suppressing important information from knowledgeable prevention educators simply because pro marijuana advocates do not want the public to be educated.

Standing with the courage of their convictions

Considering the facts about marijuana to be important to Oregonians, these Specialists — on their own time — are objecting to information being suppressed and silenced from the public by pro marijuana forces in both state and federal government.  The Forums, for the most part, are now being privately funded and rescheduled around the state on October 1-4 despite pro marijuana efforts to stop them altogether.

If you wish to have a presentation made in your city, or town, send an email to info@restoreamerica.org

Click here to see a fact sheet on why Oregonians should vote against passage of Measure 91, prepared by the No on 91 PAC. Save it, forward it to your friends, associates, pastor, peers and youth pastors. Make copies to carry with you and post on bulletin boards in your community. Pass it out at your Sunday School Class and home groups.

The Yes on Measure 91 folks have over $2 million dollars from out of state marijuana backers of this measure.

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