Lurching To The Left, To Win?

Yesterday, Reince Priebus, Chairman of the Republican National Committee Establishment made an enormous blunder that could destroy the Republican Party, our ability as social and moral conservatives to choose conservative candidates in the primaries, and propel us without recourse to a full blown freedomless socialist state.

Speaking at the National Press Club in Washingon D.C., Priebus announced the conclusions of the Committee’s “Growth and Opportunity Project”.  The report, conducted by establishment Republicans, ignored their conservative base, and mindlessly lurched to the left in lockstep with what radical liberal ‘progressives’ including the media, prepped them to do.  So enamored with the notion that “winning is everything”, like lemmings they marched with eyes wide shut over the cliff to the certain death of their own party by their own hand. 

Forgetting it was the conservatives who were elected overwhelmingly with the help of the Tea Partyin 2010 – and whose commitment to principle saved their bacon in the last two years – Priebus and crew set up a scenario that any sane person would conclude was meant to rid themselves of those pesky and embarrassing pro-life, pro-family, moral conservatives, by making ‘winning’ the new priority of the Republican Party.  Rather than doing a better job of conveying their historically held conservative principles, and outlining a path toward fiscal and social sanity, they declared their loyalty to protecting the wealthy and powerful at any cost, even if it meant scuttling their principles.  The very perception their surveys, focus groups, and interviews said turned people off about the Republican Party, as out of touch, stuffy old men, representing the wealthy in America, were now solidified in the minds of many Americans. 

In his Farewell Address, our First President warned that “the baneful effects of the spirit of party…in its greatest rankness” was our “worst enemy.”  The “domination of one faction over another” led to “party dissension” and perpetrated “frightful despotism.”

For Christians, placing ‘winning’ over morality, marriage, and the value of human life at the expense of fundamental and necessary values and institutions is to disdainfully reject all that is holy and ordained of God from eternity past. 

To Reince Priebus and his establishment friends, Washington’s warning was lost, unheeded, and like foolish lemmings they are leading the Republican Party out to sea to an unnecessary death… and the nation as well.    

David Crowe

President, Restore America