Refocusing “Focus”

Now that Barack Obama – in direct contradistinction to Ronald Reagan’s strong pro life,  pro marriage and family position as President of the United States –  has ascended to the Presidency once again, Christians around the world are wondering if Christians in America will continue to take a strong stand for our principles and biblical beliefs, or will consider “Game Over” and capitulate to the ever increasing intolerant, anti Christ, and anti Christian voices in America. 

Eric Metaxas, author of Bonhoeffer, Pastor, Martyr, Prophet, Spy, in the December 21st BreakPoint, seems to agree with Jim Daly, the new President of Focus On The Family, who appears to be calling for a softer, more accepting approach to the hostile and intolerant gay and lesbian, bi-sexual, transgender lobby. 

Daly, who replaced Dr. James Dobson at the helm of Focus, recently published a book in which he writes… 

“When I examine my life, I’m often struck by the fact that I’m all too often more in love with the heartbeat of the culture than I am with the heart of God Himself. If I truly cared more about God’s ways than the world’s ways, I wouldn’t grow anxious or despondent when my candidate of choice doesn’t win an election or when someone or something infringes on my religious liberties.”

Daly misses the point of Evangelical opposition to the well known, well documented GLBT,  ACLU, radical left agenda to break down the influence of every Christian based institution in America, including marriage, family, and essential morality.  His view is typical of so many Christian leaders who have been duped into what I call the Neville Chamberlain deception; announcing peace with those who are master deceivers who will say anything to get what they want.  While they continue to prepare for unfettered attack, the British were lulled into doing nothing.

Hitler deceived Chamberlain and through Chamberlain, the British people, just as he did German leaders of the Lutheran State Church, and then went about his agenda with crushing power and indifference to human life.

Infringement on ‘my’ religious liberties’ is not the issue. The issue is infringement on all American’s liberties, including our religious liberty and right of free speech, in and out of the pulpit.  Daly ought to know this. Surely he is aware that our religious liberty is under attack in the Affordable Care Act by forcing the Catholic Church, including Evangelical institutions, to accept the government’s new regulations on abortion in spite of our opposition on religious grounds – and penalize us severely if we don’t.

He is naive to believe our efforts in opposition to this agenda are wrong or from some personal response to very real threats to our children, their future, what government is allowed to do by God, and what it is seeking to do under misguided, even wicked people who are in rebellion to “the eternal rules of order and right.”

Daly’s depiction of his being “in love with the heartbeat of the culture” proves his own concerns about the abuses, but should not be superimposed upon the rest of us as if we who oppose the direction of our nation are more ‘in love’ with the daily news than the  Scriptural teachings which prompt our actions.

It is precisely because we “care more about God’s ways than the world’s ways” that we continue to take a stand against compromising God’s eternal truth.  We seek not the approval of the world and those who resolutely seek to destroy those institutions from which they obtain their rights and freedoms.

The battle we face for America is an age old battle in which Christians have been called by Christ, the Prophets and Apostles to engage since the Garden of Eden.

Christians have never been called to capitulate to bad laws, immoral behavior, or dictators.  All history proves that when we have not, the world has been more free of tyrants, dictators and mass murderers.

While I agree that Christians need to conduct themselves as becomes Christian citizens in the battle for America, the great majority of hostile remarks, acts, and intolerance come from not the Christians, but those who are ignorant of Biblical truth, or in outright rebellion to God.  Christians have been exceedingly quiet, ‘tolerant’ if you will, of the incessant attacks, character assassination, and verbal slurs against those who oppose this agenda, an agenda born, fueled, and aided by Satan himself.

In spite of their efforts, and thanks to yours, Christmas, and the One Whose birth we celebrate, remains mankind’s greatest hope for Peace on earth, good will toward all!

Merry Christmas.  May the joy of the LORD by yours every day. 

David Crowe