Freedom Of Expression?

Americans across the country should not be confused about why a 20 year old male in Connecticutt, without a twinge of conscience, could enter an elementary school and murder 20 innocent little children in addition to every adult that got in his way.

To begin with, the issue is not about firearms.  It is far deeper, and involves the values, virtues, and beliefs we have rejected and others we have embraced, both of which have had far reaching and detrimental affect on the lives, beliefs, and behaviour of both children and adults.  The use of firearms to maim and murder people is only symptomatic of the real cause.

The First Amendment of the Bill of Rights which ensured our freedom of speech, was foolishly reinterpreted in the last half of the 20th century by judges, lawyers, politicians, sexual liberationists, and secular elitists, to mean “freedom of expression“, opening a wide door to the glorification of sex, self, homosexuality, licentious liberty, and the abnormalization of relationships between the sexes.

Coincidental with the re-definition of freedom of speech came the court’s re-interpretation of liberty to include licentious liberty.  The combination led to the shutting down of Bible reading, prayer, the posting of the Ten Commandments, and the teaching of biblical creationism and moral values in our government schools… the devil’s recipe for the destruction of virtue, innocence, and hope.  Add to this the devaluation of human life to throw away tissue, and you have ‘schools’ without God or a moral compass, no authority higher than man, meaningless marriage, and a morally bankrupt society without a rudder.  Add frightening video games of unlimited and continuous fire power and killing; the commercialization of sex and violence for money; a still popular president who taught our youth the meaning of oral sex from the White House, and we wonder why young people are angry, confused, and going stark raving crazy?

America is coming apart at the seams for lack of Godly leadership. The only true God has been abandoned in exchange for the little god of politial correctness.  Righteousness has been replaced with Hugh Hefner, Larry Flynt, MTV, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, and Barney Frank.  The real ‘evil’ is our wholesale sell out to our personal gods of money, power, comfort and sex, and an unflinching unwillingness to recognize our complicity in the murder of the innocents. 

As Os Guiness said in “A Free People’s Suicide”, Christianity is the “sole force capable of fostering the virtue and restraining the vice necessary for the health of the republic“.  

Will we Christians continue to sit on our hands and watch, or arise, in the power of the One within us to speak truth to our neighbor in the public square. 

David Crowe – President – Restore America