What’s Wrong With Washington!

The Commander in Chief has commandeered the Federal Government!  Barack Hussein Obama, the man who attended a church for 20 years whose radical left wing “pastor” said, “God d___ America” wants, as columnist Charles Krauthammer said, to “crush the Republican Party,” to remove it as an obstacle to his plan for all Americans.

The ‘my way or the highway’ political tactic employed by this President toward the Republican controlled House in current fiscal talks is, as Krauthammer said, “purely political.”

According to Krauthammer, it has nothing to do with tax cuts, tax increases, federal spending, the national debt, or what is best for the American people.  It has everything to do with Barack Obama and his plan for America.  Barack Obama wants what he wants because of course, he is right in his own sight.  And what does he want?  A top down federal government that will “redistribute the wealth”, (his words to Jake the Plumber in 2008), not a republic governed by the people, a Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and elected representatives.

To accomplish this he must first neuter the opposition, and to Barack Obama the Republican Party clearly stands in his way.  From the outset of his Presidency he has engaged in an incessant diatribe against Republicans as obstructionists and the cause of all our woes.  He has made no attempt beyond mere public rhetoric to work with Republicans, and is clearly not in the tradition of past presidents and the expectation of the American people.

Americans do not want a monarch, dictator or ideologue as President.  We elect and expect Presidents to keep their oath to uphold the Constitution.  We expect them to preserve our freedoms and work with our elected representatives to address America’s challenges; to respect and serve all the people, not just those he likes for his own political and ideological purposes.

The role of this President and all past presidents, is not to dictate by an ideological agenda, but to govern responsibly in consensus with both House of Representatives and Senate.

Unless conservatives who understand the values and principles of good government act quickly with resolute determination to strengthen Republican resolve in the House of Representatives to hold firmly to sound fiscal policy,  to and beyond – if necessary – January 1st, this President may well lead us not only over the ‘fiscal cliff’, but down a path to insolvency, bankruptcy, and the inability to defend our freedoms from enemies within and without, in order to scapegoat republicans.

The conservative Republicans that we elected in 2010 and who remain in control of the House – in spite of their vilification by Obama, and the truth avoiding left wing media –  are all that currently stands in the way of this President and the so called progressives  in the U.S. Senate. What is needed is an immediate outcry from we the people to our elected representatives in Congress to:


That is what hard working, taxpaying, responsible Americans need and want from their government, nothing more, and certainly nothing less!

Please make the most important call you can make for your future and the future of the nation.  Call the Capitol Swithboard at 202-224-3121 and ask for your Congressional Representative by name.  If you do not know his or her name, go here to locate your representative.  When you call, ask for the legislative aide or person who tallies these calls for your Representative.  When you get to the appropriate person, politely and diplomatically tell them you want your Representative to do these 6 things.

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David Crowe – President – Restore America