America Is In Trouble

We elected Barack Hussein Obama in 2008 because he promised to bring the nation together, to be transparent and bi-partisan, correct a failing economy, and break the gridlock in  Washington as President of all the people.  Never in our lifetime, however, have the American people seen such optimism turn to ashes in so short a time.  From the very beginning of his Presidency, we watched Barack Obama devolve into something far different than what he professed to be.  Transparency was non existent, as exemplified in the total secrecy of the Affordable Care Act.  Bi-partisanship was no where to be found in  the White House Game Plan.  His actions and commitment to a radical left wing agenda led to the Tea Party and the greatest turnover in the House of Representatives since the Great Depression.  He turned a deaf ear to the outcry of the people and showed his disdain for their concerns by refusing to consider anything the people’s duly elected Representatives offered as solutions to the deteriorating economy.  Instead he acted like the school yard bully, dishonoring their efforts and the Office he holds.

The sheer magnitude of his anger and resentment toward white America, and particularly those who are successful, is seen in his determination to redistribute the wealth of America, come what may, from those who work hard long hours and years to build a business for a better life for themselves, their employees, and their families, to those who do not, and those who share his resentments.

While deceiving the American taxpayer with a bailout of his political allies in the unions, and green movement to buy their votes, Barack Obama paid off and wasted billions to help his political cronies, again, with our tax dollars.  He refused to work with Congress to resolve our skyrocketing debt; appointed unconstitutional and unaccountable “czars” to redirect government agencies and shut down efforts to become energy independent.  All the while smearing  his opponents and critics with arrogant disdain and further burdening America’s taxpayers and unemployed.

While doing nothing to curb government spending, or employee proven monetary policy to stimulate and encourage hiring,  he turns loose his Chicago political machine to conduct a dirty Chicago style campaign that includes character assassination, lies, Acorn/Union voter fraud, class warfare, and a complicit media to deflect, cover, and deceive the public.

He intentionally circumvented both the U.S. Constitution and Congress with the appointment of radical, left wing “czars” of which we would know little about except for one courageous television commentator.  And while the media is silent, the corruption of massive voter fraud in this election goes unreported and therefore, considered non existent by the average American.

His long standing support for Acorn, the unions, and former President of SEIU – all of whom delivered a tarnished and fraudulent vote for a President and Administration that cannot tell the truth, but hides it in order to get what they want – prevailed.

With the help of a sordidly biased media, voter fraud that mirrors third world dictatorships, Christians who voted for Obama, and a public that has grown more and more dependent on government largesse and unwarranted handouts, we have re-elected an extreme, partisan, radical, and rogue ideologue who continues to divide the nation with his strong arm tactics in order to get his way.  As a result, we have a nation that is bitterly divided, teetering on economic, moral, political, and social collapse, and I fear… revolution.  We have indeed, sold our birthright for a mess of pottage.

It reminds me of Germany in the 1930’s under “Der Fuhrer”.

David Crowe

President, Restore America