Romney In Charge

Two thumbs down to the “spinners” before and after the final debate between Mitt Romney and Barack Obama!  The left wing media outdid themselves in their efforts to persuade Americans that their guy is the right choice to lead America for the next four years.

Before the debate even began, Joel Klein of Time magazine, Tom Friedman of the notoriously left leaning New York Times, and George Stephanapolos of ABC, in separate articles joined mysteriously like lockstep puppets in  dismissing the Libya debacle and President Obama’s two week diversion efforts instead of telling the American people the truth.  Even Juan Williams on FoxNews chimed in saying what happened in Libya “Was not a big issue.”  Apparently, to these so called ‘journalists,’ like Obama and those in his Administration and Campaign, finding, and telling the truth to the American people is no longer the main objective of the media.

Bill O’Reilly, the morning after, and ostensibly out to preserve his self proclaimed “fair and balanced” objectivity, could not bring himself to admit that Romney clearly proved his ability to deal with foreign policy issues and challenges, and again won the debate on economic issues.  Instead, he contended we learned nothing new, nothing helpful, and wondered why we even have these debates. O’Reilly  joined the left wing ‘spinners’ in his own ‘spin’ zone.

The truth is, what happened in Libya, and the President’s cover up, is important!  It is about the content of his character, and the depth of his integrity; the honesty of his stated commitment to the security of our foreign diplomats; the truth about his promises and policies, and our ability to trust what he says.  These are all in play in the minds and hearts of the American people, who are clearly conflicted with what he promised and what he has done since taking office.  He did nothing in this debatre to dissuade us of our concerns.

The truth is, Mitt Romney outsmarted Obama in this debate. He conducted himself well with respect to what is required in a Presidential candidate, made his case with regard to both foreign policy and the economy, refuted Obama’s sharp and clearly wrong assertion of his position on the auto industry bailout.  He accurately countered Obama’s denial and defense about his ‘apology’ tour of the middle east and Europe when he rebutted that Obama did say America had been “dismissive”, even “derisive”, and that we had “dictated” to other countries, the exact words we had all seen on our TV and computer screens when he did so.

In contrast, Obama was defensive, petty, disrespectful, mocking, and unpresidential.

David Crowe

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