You Lie!

Remember the South Carolina Congressman who said “You Lie!” while Barack Obama touted his affordable care act before a joint session of Congress in 2009? His asertion, roundly criticized then by the Obama media and leaders of both political parties, can no longer be swept away by his fawning media and adoring fans.

After a thorough review of the facts surrounding the murder of four American diplomats in Libya by Al Qaida related terroist militants, and Obama’s refusal to tell the truth about what happened, Joe Wilson’s statement, ‘You lie!’,  is proving to be true.

Barack Obama, the narcissist that he is, like his adoring and self-deluding media, cannot admit to or face the truth. Instead, he, and they, cover up the truth with lies. The media by simply not reporting the truth, even preventing the truth from getting out to the public, is complicit in Obama’s lies;  to wit, the CNN debate moderator supporting the President in his lie about when he called the Benghazi attack a terrorist attack, conveniently aiding and abetting Obama’s deception in misleading 67 million viewers!  How convenient and helpful to the President, in putting down Obama’s opponent, Mitt Romney, who told the truth!

Obama, unwilling to have his naïve middle east foreign policy exposed as the abject and misguided failure that it is, lies to himself first, lies repeatedly to the American public, then the world at the UN, and then to the American people again during the second debate, even egging on the CNN moderator in her untruths.

What also is true is that Obama, the narcissist that he is, cannot admit to or face the truth.  Instead, he covers up the truth with more lies.

In addition, he invents – in  spite of the number of times he has demonstrated his deceptions – an aire of being offended that his integrity and truthfulness would be challenged by Mitt Romney, the challenger to his throne.   As unconscionable as that is, the very next day he goes on a  supportive comedienne’s television program stating that the loss of these diplomats was not “optimal.”

These are all signs of a man who lacks integrity, transparency, truthfulness, and a conscience.  He is, sadly, the epitomy of the worst in American politics.  Say anything to get elected, or re-elected, even if you have to lie and disparage the lives of those who died by your neglect and political ambition.

Hopefully, the American people will see this hypocrisy and serious character flaw for what it is before they cast their ballots again for this charlatan.  Truth will out, hopefully sooner rather than later.

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“If four Americans get killed, it’s not optimal. We are going to fix it. All  of it.”
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