Move over Joe!

Observations: The old guard just saw the face of the bright, respectful new breed of conservative, and it wasn’t pleasant…for them!

Ryan, respectfully, had the better grasp of the important economic facts and Biden, smirk, smug mocking,  and disrespect aside, did not.  He simply accused for the most part, and in essence pushed the “you’re lying” line.

Ryan did not retaliate but did at the very least, make his case for prefering Romney over the classic liberal paternalism that has characterized the democrat party for decades.

For those who stand back to observe the political landscape, I believe we are watching the beginning of the end of liberal humanistic solutions to our problems, and the coming to the fore of traditional conservatism. 

In summary, the needle wasn’t moved tonight to resurrect enthusiasm for the Obama Team. If you are prone to be moved by a candidate’s attitude, Biden lost.

David Crowe – President – Restore America