Bipartisan Solutions? Or Informed Voter Solution?

President Obama and his Vice President Joe Biden are continually saying the Republicans in Congress are the problem, that they are preventing the nation from going forward.  Is that really true?

Consider this:  The 2010 Election saw voters replace Nancy Pelosi and her liberal democrat control of the House in a landslide election that demanded conservative Republicans hold the line and push back on out of control democrat policies and spending.  Republicans, bolstered by 60 new conservative members, passed 39 bills to remedy excess spending and correct the ship of state, all of which Harry Reid, the democrat leader of the Senate refused to even consider for review and vote.  Obama said nothing, except to continue to blame Republicans. The Reid and democrat led Senate have not even offered a Constitutionally required Budget for three years, the entire time Barack Obama has been in office.  Again, Obama says nothing, except to blame Republicans.  When the White House sent Obama’s proposed budget plan to the Senate, not even one democrat voted for it, knowing if they did they would probably not be re-elected. Again, Obama said nothing, except to use his bully pulpit to blame Republicans.

Media pundits and voters who blame both Houses of Congress, and suggest, like Rodney King, that we just need to get along, are naive, as are most Americans who buy into the simplistic Rodney King solution.

They fail to realize the nation is resolutely divided between the historically proven, free enterprise, lower taxes, less government regulation model, and the Obama/Democrat model of more government spending, more social programs/solutions, higher taxes, and spread the wealth model of European socialism.

This is the major sticking point between Republicans and Democrats, especially those 6o new conservative Republicans.  To capitulate on this issue, is not only to commit political suicide, it is to betray the large majority of voters who put them in office and the foundational  principles which motivated them to serve as our representatives in the first place.  None of them, wisely recognizing a historically failed model, and on principle, wish to assume the role of  Judas Iscariot.  

The fact is, that if the Republicans in the House agree with the White House and Democrat led Senate to raise taxes (ergo, continue the unrestrained spending and depress employment/jobs, and new revenue), Republicans who ran on a conservative ‘no new taxes/cut spending’ platform, would be going back on their word not to do so.

The Obama/Biden Campaign strategy is to play class warfare games by identifying Republicans as only interested in protecting the wealthy, when in fact, Republicans are the only Party protecting the middle class and poor from the greatest financial calamity in our nation’s history, and which will hurt the poor and middle class the most.

The solution is a Voter Solution at the polls.  Pray that the informed, the wise, and the grounded in reality…show up for the November 6th Election.

David Crowe, President, Restore America