I know.  Everyone is coming up with descriptors for last night’s debacle in Denver, but to me, ‘Smackdown’ is the word that best describes what happened in the debate between the touted master of cool and the former Governor of Massachusetts. Surprisingly to some,  Mitt Romney may well become the new Terminator!

If Romney did not assure his election he came about as close as possible in the very first debate, short of waving his hanky!  The question is…how can Obama recover?  He has a record of failure and no plan, just stump funnies and a telepromptor.  The American voter is on to his game, on to his inept understanding of how a nation works, and wants no more of his empty promises and vapid verbiage. 

Romney slammed Obama to the mat in each round and pinned his nanny state philosopy of ever increasing government to his forehead before he could get up, catch his breath and search for more talking points.

Give us the facts Barack, just the facts!  So far, you haven’t shown us any that survive scrutiny!  In the next debate, please give us a sensible, smart plan that cuts federal spending, business strangling and unnecessary regulation, gets serious about energy independence, our hope choking debt, cuts waste, maintains our defense structures, sends education back to the states, empowers parents and entrepreneurs, moves emphatically toward a balanced budget, and gets government off our backs and out of the social engineering business! 

While you are crafting your new “winning” debate strategy, please advise David Axelrod and Stephanie Cutter to cease the deceitful and lying class warfare ads.   While you’re are at it, please tell Hillary to quit sending those billions of dollars we are borrowing from China to our enemies in the middle east, leaving we and our children to pay for it.  Seems our Muslim and Arab friends have plenty of oil money to take care of themselves, and hate us anyway.  Why send them more?  And while you are giving us a thoughtful plan, you might tell us how you are going to develop a new flatter, fairer, tax code that we can all live with. 

Come on! Get serious!  The above are just some of the elephants in the room that you have been skirting, and avoiding, if not flat out feeding!  Then….maybe we will listen, but don’t count on it.  We are all, conservative democrat, republican and independent alike, pretty weary of your unfilled promises, failed leadership, foggy transparencey, and unworkable redistributionist policies. 

We’ve been waiting 4 years now, and still….no plan that makes sense to Americans who know the more taxes, mediscare and blame game you and your campaign are playing won’t cut it by November 6th.  So show up this time.  And this time?  Wise up!  No more blithering nonsense!

David Crowe, President, Restore America

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