Obama’s Attack On Women

The Obama Campaign’s attempts to reel in the women’s vote just took a major hit. The Susan B. Anthony List You Tube video of “Melissa’s story” exposing Obama’s refusal to protect babies born alive after a failed abortion, has been seen by swing voters in Missouri, North Carolina, and Ohio, and by 300,000 Americans on YouTube.

Yesterday, Rush Limbaugh played the ad on his radio show and called the ad “devastating” to President Obama’s re-election chances.

Women Speak Out Pac, with our help, is taking Melissa’s powerful and compelling story and Obama’s callous abortion record to swing state voters in Colorado to go “toe-to-toe” against Planned Parenthood, America’s abortion giant, as they attack Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan.

To date, in every swing state, the Obama Campaign, without ethical restraint is airing untruthful TV and radio ads about Romney’s position on Social Security and Medicare in order to frighten seniors and get their votes.

Apparently Obama’s Campaign Staff – as well as the President – believe women want a President who has no moral scruples when it comes to the innocent born and unborn and no ethics when it comes to telling the truth.

Turn the tide away from this kind of campaign.  Please help Women Speak Out Pac air this powerful and personal testimony in Colorado tonight and in every swing state in the weeks ahead.

David Crowe, President, Restore America