The 47%: Who are they and why is Obama making so much of this?

The Obama Cult Media, and the Obama Campaign, in their cozy and corrupt frenzy to ensure their pied piper of left wing causes remains on the throne in Washington D.C., has made much of Mitt Romney’s statement about the 47% who pay no taxes. Using it to further their class warfare strategy to blame the rich and gain the votes of the easily duped and government dependent (Obama’s only hope), the Obama Campaign, his media supporters, and Obama himself, thump this purposely divisive guilt trip drum on a daily basis, ad infinitum, ad nauseaum, in his stump speeches, TV ads, and liberal newsprint.

Democrats have practiced this strategy for decades, knowing that it resonates with the left wing and the disenchanted, and can be used by Obama’s don’t confuse me with the facts followers in the media to repeat it until the average American who watches only the television network news accepts it as fact, believing that if  all these folks are saying it, it must be true!

Will it work?  Probably… with the above mentioned… but to those of us who pay more attention to this Administration’s deeply partisan deceptions, repeated failure to come up with a budget and spending plan that even democrats up for re-election could support; unrestrained and unnecessary spending;  commitment to redistributionist theory, and blame game avoidance of responsibility, it should not, and hopefully will not.  Here’s why.

The vast majority of Americans know the current Tax Code is a politically constructed monstrosity that gives favors to both the rich, the middle class, and the poor. But it is more than that. Developed more by politics than principle, it is a contributor to the sins of jealousy and covetousness that so easily besets us. The have nots, instead of giving their energies to changing their circumstances, fall prey to whining and bitter discord, embroiled in a downward spiral of self hatred and hate filled venom directed at anyone and anything they can blame instead of themselves.  On the other hand, those who work hard to overcome their circumstances, and manage themselves and their finances wisely, whether they are black, white, latino or asian, can easily become resentful and judgmental of those who are whining and blaming. With government continually taking more of their hard earned money to distribute to the whiners and complainers, they naturally take steps to protect what they have earned, becoming easy targets for manipulative politicians, their campaign staff, and the left wing media.

The current tax code is not good for America and must be changed.

Who is the 47% not paying taxes?

David Crowe – President, Restore America