Crisis In American Foreign Policy

A nation”s foreign embassies should be as  ‘safe as your living room’ according to long time foreign diplomatic service personnel, but are they? Obviously not…especially when it comes to the Arab/Muslim world.

Attacks against our embassies started in 1978 when the Iranians, led by Mahmoud Ahmadinejad the current Prime Minister of Iran, stormed the U.S. Embassey, took all as hostages and held them  for two years until Ronald Reagan took office.

This same Ahmadinejad, who denies the holocaust, aids terrorists around the world in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine and Lebanon, promises to destroy Israel and thumbs his nose at America. Why would our “intelligence” and State Department leaders not expect more of the same in an area of the world further inflamed by Jihadist terrorists throughout the Middle East encouraged by this man and his regime?

Barack Obama’s speech in Cairo, critical of America and apologetic, gave tacit approval to the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt to revolt against then President Hosni Mubarak, a friend of America and Israel, and opposed by militant Islamic groups.

The murder of 76 Coptic Christians in Egypt after the so called “Arab Spring”, with no subsequent consequences, and the election of a leader of the Muslim Brotherhood to the Presidency of Egypt, can only be seen as proof to those in Egypt and Libya who hate Israel and America that more provocative acts can be planned and performed.  A failure on the part of this administration to demonstrate that a cost will be exacted for these acts, simply does no good in preventing them in the future.

In that Canada this past week pulled all their embassy personnel from Iran, should their not have been some suggestion to our State Department that on 9-11 more acts of terrorism against our embassies was possible?

Given all these acts against America, not to speak of 9-11, Barack Obama’s unwillingness to change a television campaign interview with Larry King in order to meet with Benjamin Netanyahu, our close and gravely threatened friend and ally in the Middle East, is indicative of a dangerously misguided, imbalanced, and deadly Middle East foreign policy.

An appropriate response from this Administration would be to demand that the governments of both Egypt and Libya arrest and prosecute the leaders and perpetrators of these violent acts against American diplomats and our embassy personnel or forfeit any and all financial aid from the United States.  That aid should at least be suspended until the above is accomplished to our satisfaction, and safeguards for our embassies and personnel are assured.

Americans have grown weary of billions of our tax dollars being given without strings to these unaccountable and anti American governments in the Middle East.

David Crowe

President & CEO – Restore America

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