What The Democrat Convention Revealed

If there were any doubt about what the democrat party has become, it was settled at their recent national convention in Charlotte, North Carolina this past week.

In addition to their entire neglect of any mention of the economic disaster looming on the horizon, it was “Damn the torpedoes!  Full speed ahead!” Barack Obama is our man and nothing else matters! Period!  Everything else that could have and should have been addressed…were not.  They were not even a distant second.

Instead, as if trained in unison like circus animals, the speakers were all in agreement that our continuing problems have been caused by George Bush and Republicans, and no matter the facts about this administration’s unwillingness to deal with out of control government spending,  sixteen trillion in debt, a struggling economy, energy dependence, employment, or entitlements, Barack Obama and Joe Biden should be trusted for 4 more years!

Hard to believe, but that is the sum total of what this convention was about, a total denial of reality, and as a result, the naive, the uninformed, the foolish, and the simple gave the Pied Piper a bump in the polls.  Pray to God, seriously, that they don’t vote!

Considering that the democrat party platform committee decided to leave any mention of God out of the platform including any statement of support for Jerusalem being the capitol of Israel, you must conclude that those the party faithful sent to the convention could care less about either.  That was confirmed when in three consecutive floor votes  those opposed to placing either back in the platform were evenly split.

Add to that the fact that their party chairwoman was caught in an outright lie, and you have an even further erosion of confidence in this party’s ability to serve our best interests.

Possibly the most telling presumptuous bit of rhetoric occurred when the most abortion justifying, marriage redefining, morality ignoring, and ideological president in our history has the unmitigated gaul to ask God’s blessing on America at the conclusion of his dysfunctional non substantive speech to conclude the convention!

And we are supposed to give him 4 more years?  This is a new definition of insanity!

David Crowe – President & CEO

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