Dreamy Eyed Foolishness – And The Brain Washed Dependent Class

My word!  I just watched our Vice President Joe Biden and our President Barack Obama tell us what they have planned for America!  Wow!  I am a convert to Obamaism!  I never thought heaven on earth would come to America or the world for all of us who have so much less than all those rich people who have profitted so much off all of us.

What a vision they have! I am so glad Barack chose to re-emphasize the dream of his father that he so embraced as a young man. He truly is leveling the playing field!  Obviously, it will come true with Barack! Look how much he has done already, in spite of Republican opposition.   It is everything we want, everything taken care of no matter whether we are poor and unemployed or not!

I can forget trusting God now like all these Christians keep saying as they rationalize their status in life and keep voting for the fat cats like a bunch of lemmings!  Now I can trust in the goodness of those who really care about us to solve our problems!  I am so excited!

What I don’t understand come to think of it, is how we will pay for all this!  Hmmm. Who will invest in new business with all the new taxes especially on those who have money? Won’t they just try to hold on to what they have and close their businesses instead of try to stay ahead while paying more taxes?  Won’t that just increase the costs of their products?  Won’t those people who lose their jobs become a burden to the rest of us who do pay taxes?  Won’t our taxes go up to take care of them like we are doing now? How high will they go?  And how will I be able to save for the future?

Come to think of it, I didn’t hear anything about the economic precipice I have been hearing about.  Is that going to happen? Sure didn’t sound like  it.  I guess if they didn’t bring it up or talk about it, it must not be that big a deal.  Just another Republican scare tactic!

I am sure though, that Barack, Biden, and the democrats have the answers.  If they didn’t, how could Barack and all those speakers be so excited about the future?  Wow!  I’m in!  He’s “The One”!

David Crowe

President – Restore America

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