The Least Known President

As the Republican Convention convened today, the media, including Fox News, is repeating with a straight face the line that “People really don’t know that much about Mitt Romney” and that Romney must answer that question on Thursday night if he is to have a chance to win the Presidency!


In 2008 a community organizer – whom few people knew, and who associated with notorious criminal figures in Chicago political circles including a radical domestic terrorist and a hate filled pastor – shocked the world by defeating the vaunted Clinton machine and hands down favorite Hillary Clinton for the democrat nomination.

Are the memories of these analysts and political pundits so short?  Do they not know when they are being toyed with by the Obama campaign in order to raise questions about Mitt Romney rather than the record of incompetence and cunning deception by ‘The One’?’

Really now, why should such questions gain such traction even from conservative talk show hosts and political analysts like Karl Rove and Joe Trippi when Barack Obama made  sure his college transcripts including Oxidental College, Columbia, and Harvard, have been sealed; when his passport records cannot be seen; how he came to possess his current social security number; and why his birth certificate was clearly photoshopped?

There is good reason to believe they might reveal he was admitted as a foreign student.

And the issue is Mitt Romney’s tax records?  And now, how little is known about him?   Did you hear?  He is responsible for a woman dying of cancer!  And don’t forget,  he’s a felon too…or so says the top female in the Obama Campaign!

I wonder how many other Americans will fall for all this by November 6th, wander into the voting booths of America with their blinders on and pull the lever for Barack Obama…again?

David Crowe

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