Romney/Ryan: A Brilliant Choice!

Ressurection: America now faces a choice of belief.  Are we going to believe Barack Obama who would lead us to believe we must accept the defeatist view of America he projects to the world and to America on a daily basis, or Romney and Ryan, who believe we can restore the nation’s future with the wisdom of the Founders and proven principles of limited government.  

Romney’s choice of Ryan says a lot about Romney, elevating his credibility with skeptics who were uncertain of his commitment to the changes he has promised.  The Republican ticket now has legs that can run well to the finish line on November 6th!

Ryan’s speech on the deck of the Wisconsin was Reaganesque.  Ryan, a catholic, will appeal to conservative catholics, evangelicals, independents, Tea Pary adherents and conservative democrats.  His passion, and unquestioned integrity; his youthful, outdoors, family man appeal is what Americans look for in a prospective leader of the nation. 

Choosing Paul Ryan redirects the debate from smearing Romney back to the real issue of the debate, whether we want to go further into a government run, “Nanny” State under Obama, or return to the fundamental liberties  and opportunity which brought freedom loving people to our shores and propelled America to the forefront of human hopes and prosperity.

May the contrast of visions become self evident to millions of Americans who see the necessity of voting in this election if America is to be restored.

David Crowe

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