Avoiding The Solution

Yesterday, Lanny Davis, former Clinton confidant and liberal commentator writing for FoxNews, said the following:

“Early last Friday morning in Aurora, Colo., Americans were reminded that there remains in the world the existence of pure, sociopathic evil — an inhuman monster who celebrates death and has no sensations from a beating heart of feelings, empathy or anything other than the glorification of death.”

Finally!  A well known liberal admits unfathomable evil exists in the world!  I doubt if Davis understood however, that he just described Satan himself, the arch enemy of God and man, the destroyer of life and hope, in this life and in the hereafter.  

Satan is in fact “an inhuman monster”, a diabolical murderer who celebrates the death of any and all men, spiritually or physically, without conscience or regret in a demented and deceived effort to dethrone God and deny the fulfillment He desires for all mankind.  He, as well as those he deceives, entangles, and then possesses, are in a diabolically self absorbed search for power, even the indiscriminant taking of life to serve their own self deluded aggrandizement while assuaging their bitterness.

But liberals like Davis, and those who worship at the altar of humanism in America, don’t really want to go there.  They would rather assume the appearance of being astute and humane and divert the discussion away from the question of good and evil, and their accountability to a living and eternal God.  In doing so they perpetuate the problem and participate in the Satanic plot to keep men in darkness about the truth while they continue on the road to destruction along with those they deceive.  

So what is the point here?

Those like Davis and his humanist friends who have taken over the reins of government, education, economics, the courts, the media, the definition of marriage, morality, and family, have done so despising the theological and Biblical basis of each and which form the basis of western civilization.  Their arrogance under the deception of the greatest of deceivers is palpable, manifesting daily in our courts, our media, government at all levels, public schools, universities, policies and culture on a daily basis.

But instead of a serious national and soul searching dialogue that might lead us back to the God of our Fathers, we are led by the foolish and ignorant among us into a national debate about guns and gun control, as if that is the solution.  What folly for the nation’s future! 

What greater proof is there that the humanist exclusion of history in favor of political correctness is itself diabolic and playing into the hands of the Prince of the power of the air?  Except for the simple, the foolish, and those under the strong delusion of Satan, the American people know that is not the issue, nor the  solution.   


David Crowe

President – Restore America

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