Pastors Who Will Not Bend The Knee To Baal

In a widely distributed June 18, 2012 Newsletter by Tony Perkins, President of the Family Research Council (FRC) in Washington D.C.,  “There is nothing more troubling to those who are pushing radical secularism on America than pastors who refuse to be silent because these pastors are the key to transforming America.”

Perkins made this statement in reference to the leadership of a pastor in North Carolina who “rallied Christians in his state for nearly a decade” working “tirelessly with other pastors and conservative policy makers to get a marriage amendment through the state legislature and onto the ballot.”

North Carolina recently became the 30th state to amend their constitution protecting marriage between a man and a woman only… by a wide margin. 

The radical ‘progressives’ in the democrat party hate it when we Christians are able to put a moral issue on the ballot for which the citizens may cast a VOTE to decide the outcome. That is why they look for like minded liberal judges to circumvent America’s citizens as they push their anti Christian, anti marriage, anti family, immoral, and hate filled agenda forward – including an industry that takes advantage of distressed women, and kills the child in their womb for money, big money, even ours!

With 58 million Evangelical Christians in America who are eligible to VOTE, we not only comprise the largest voting block in the nation, we represent the greatest obstacle to the achievement of their objective – and Satan’s – a godless, lawless society whose only appetite is whatever lust Satan can use to kill and destroy, and remove the memory of God from the land.

If they can frighten, intimidate, and deceive America’s pastors, using whatever means available, including the media, and the fear of what men may do to us, they win.

Earlier today, after the firestorm I created in Oregon by sending a strong rebuke to those  pastors who have capitulated to the radical left, I received the following emails from pastors many hold in high regard, brothers in the battle for America and the only basis of true freedom, the Cross of Jesus Christ.

“Just a note to let you know there are more than a few pastors in the Northwest that have not “bowed their knees to Baal,” and I am one of them!  Years ago I decided that I would rather stand with the minority and do right than to stand with the majority and do nothing. May we remember that God does not want faithfulness, He demands it.  Rest assured of my friendship and prayers.”

“David, you have assessed the problem correctly.  When the desire for respectability outweighs the reverential fear of God, compromise and capitulation are guaranteed.  I am a pastor….and there are a small number of us standing, but – it is small, way too small.”

Peter Leithart, in his Theological Commentary on 1&2 Kings, says,Christian capitulation to secular politics–more the rule than the exception in the modern church–is nothing less than apostasy, a denial of the gospel that announces Jesus as Lord.””

David Crowe – President, Restore America