Oregon Pastors: Selling Out To The Fear Of Man

In response to my blog yesterday about the lack of leadership from Oregon pastors to stop tax payer funded abortions in Oregon, one of the county leaders of the Oregon 2012 Project provided unsolicited personal testimony to that fact, the kind of proof that makes me wonder whether many if not most of Oregon’s pastors are what the Scriptures call “hirelings”, or something worse. 

This Christian leader (who will remain anonymous) asked to speak on behalf of Initiative # 25 at a local ministerial association.  There was no response whatsoever.

After 21 hours attending a booth promoting the Initiative at a local 2 day festival, the Christians who signed the petition were “absolutely unaware of the Initiative.”  This, after the pastors in the county were sent packets containing information and petitions, not once, but twice, by the Oregon 2012 Project leadersThe pastors knew about this effort but “chose not to tell their people.”  

One pastor, after six attempts by this leader and the Oregon 2012 Project to get the petition information to the congregation, said to her board–which was in favor of providing the information– “I don’t believe we should be involved in politics.  I don’t want any bulletin inserts in the bulletins, and this cannot be announced from the pulpit.” 

Why would pastors willfully keep this information from their congregations?  The leader who reported these facts to me said, “There is a greater fear of man than fear of the LORD.  I am personally not feeling that the pastors’ fear the IRS as much as they fear offending people in their congregation and thus losing money.”

King David said, “When I am afraid, I put my trust in Thee.  In God, whose word I praise, in God I trust without a fear. What can flesh do to me?”  Psalm 56:3-4

In effect, these pastors, and those like them in Oregon, in keeping this from their congregations, must assume responsibility if Initiative # 25 fails to produce the 150,000 signatures needed to place the issue before the Voters in November.  The use of our tax dollars in this mammon driven industry and our inability to object through the ballot box–is a blood bought right our spiritual leaders seem to have forgotten, along with the right to life of the innocents, and their obligation to speak truth on their behalf. 

In Matthew 23:13-29, a passage our pastors should all be aware of,  Jesus called the religious leaders of His time hypocrites eight times, blind guides five times, and fools twice, in a scathing indictment opening each statement with Woe unto you!

In verses 27-28 he called them hypocrites…white washed tombs who outwardly appear righteous to men, but inwardly you are full of hypocrisy and lawlessness.”  

He ended His blistering judgement on these leaders in verse 33 when He said, You serpents, you brood of vipers, how shall you escape the sentence of hell?”

Are we approaching that time again, or are we already there?

David Crowe, President – Restore America

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