Father’s Day in Oregon. Disgusting!

I intended on writing something encouraging and positive for Father’s Day, but an email I received today changed all that. After going to the web site of the Oregon 2012 Citizen Initiative to “End Public Funding of Abortion” I was so disgusted with what I found, there was no way I could applaud the men of Oregon. 

For nearly two years now, a group of Oregon Christians have been politely, diplomatically, and respectfully asking Oregonians in all 36 counties to sign a petition that would give Oregon Voters the opportunity to vote on whether they wanted their tax dollars to be used by the State to fund abortions.  Seems a third of all abortions in Oregon have been funded by the state for many years while most Oregonians were unaware.  150,000 signatures is all that is needed to place this before the voters for the November 6th General Election.  But as of today with only 15 days left to get those signatures, they are well behind.

You would think there would be enough Christians in Oregon out of a population of over 3 million who would sign this petition.  After all, just a few years ago, the Oregon Family Council gathered nearly 240,000 signatures through Oregon churches to place an  Amendment to the Oregon Constitution on the ballot preserving marriage  between a man and a woman.  It passed, 53% to 47%. 

Only 46,827 signatures (31% of what is needed) have been turned in to the organizing group!

Is not the taking of innocent human life abhorrent enough — and the use of our tax dollars to support this God defiant and grisly procedure sufficient to warrant our outrage and engagement as Christians?  Apparently not in Oregon.

Want an eye opener?  Go to the Oregon 2012.org website homepage and click on the tab near the top showing all 36 counties; their signature goals based on population and how many signatures have been gathered so far in that county.  The numbers tell the story.  They are not only shameful and disgusting, they say a ton about Christian leadership in those counties, particularly from the pulpits and church boards. 

Where is the leadership of the numerous denominations, associations, ministerial associations, and Christian organizations who proliferate around the state and communicate with their people by email, phone, fax, Facebook, Twitter and direct mail?

If they really cared about this issue, they would all put aside their petty differences, and turf building campaigns to join in the effort!  Where is Oregon  Right To Life?  Alas, for the taxpayers, and most importantly, those who will never see the light of day, they appear to be AWOL.  It appears they have all given up and given in to the radical liberal cabal that runs the state, controls the airwaves and newspapers, local and state elections, and the simple process of putting the VOTERS back in charge of government!  The lack of back bone and true commitment to the moral foundations committed to us in Scripture by those who claim Christ is LORD, is more than appalling!  It is disgusting, Laodicean, and worthy of rebuke!

The message they send collectively is one that can no longer be shoved under the carpet, out of sight out of mind, as our witness and testimony before man and God is destroyed by such benign indifference, carelessness, self preservation, and inaction.

Go to the Oregon 2012.org web site.  Click on the tab that says “Select Your County” and review the abysmal response county by county, compared to those counties whose Christians are leading the way.  A few examples:

Multnomah County, the largest in Oregon:  Goal – 22,400 Signatures. So far: 15%

Washington County, second largest: Goal – 18,900. So far: 14%

Clackamas County, third largest: Goal – 14,300. So far: 25%

Jefferson County: Goal – 1,000. So far: 5%

Baker County: Goal – 900. So far: 7%

Umatilla: Goal – 3,600. So far: 8%

Benton County: Goal – 2,800. So far: 103%

Wallowa County: Goal – 400. So far: 96%

Crook County: Goal – 1,000. So far: 79%

Christian Fathers of Oregon, take the reins of leadership in your family, in your church, and with your brothers in Christ!  Face The Giants and get in the game! State to all the challenge before them.  Set the example and CALL THEM TO ACTION!  Get off the sidelines and out of the stands!  Get on the playing field and help push the ball over the line to victory!  

Put your fingers to your key board and go see for your self what you can do.  Then DO IT!  Make the most of the time remaining.  You have 15 days to put this Initiative on the Ballot!  Sacrifice your ‘wants’ and tend to what is needed.

Not registered to Vote? Did you move?  Did you get married and change your name? Have you not voted in a couple of years?  Go here to register.  You should not sign the petition if you are not registered to VOTE.  Do it now, before you sign the petition.

Out of state but want to help? Go here and make a contribution.  It is vital these last two weeks!  Forward this to your Facebook and Twitter pages. Use the ‘Share” button at the end of this article.  Oregonians need our encouragement to take action NOW.  Make July 4th a delayed and happy Father’s Day.

David Crowe

President, Restore America