Battle Lines In The War For America Are Forming

Just weeks ago I pointed out that with Barack Obama’s coming out announcement in support of legitimating and legalizing non-biblical male with male, woman with woman sexual liaisons using the Bible as ignorantly as the media treats Islam,  that the real battle for America had begun.  The moral battle is where the real battle for the nation is taking place. 

The economic battle, while certainly having an immediate effect on the pocket books, gas tanks and refrigerators of American households, is the proverbial tip of the iceberg of what is ripping at the hull of America below the water line.  Out of sight, out of mind to most hard working disengaged Americans who get their perspective on life from CNN, MSNBC, ABC and NBC nightly television, the moral battle is overtaking us like the rat in the vat,  and apparent to only those who are paying attention. Like the Titanic, we are sinking not from what is going on in plain sight, but from something far more determinant.

David Lane in an excellent Newsletter today, says… 

“In Peter Leithart’s Brazos Theological Commentary on 1&2 Kings he observes, “Christian capitulation to secular politics–more the rule than the exception in the modern church–is nothing less than apostasy, a denial of the gospel that announces Jesus as Lord.””

Lane, Founder of The American Renewal Project, and no insignificant voice in Evangelical Circles, is calling pastor’s in America  for the next 2-3 Sunday’s” to “exhort the flock, entrusted to you by the Living God, to refrain from shopping at Target Stores  until its leadership ends pushing homosexual marriage in America.”

“Oh my!” you say?  “Christians should not be doing such things!”

Really?  Sounds to me like another ‘Christian capitulation to secular politics’!

Eric Teetsl, Executive Director of The Manhattan Declaration’ and Congressman Frank Wolfe of Virginia, (Republican), along with former Ambassador Tony P. Hall (Democrat), would disagree.  Wolfe and Hall, according to Teetsl in today’s Newsletter, recently sent a letter “to many of the country’s most influential pastors”, sharing their “conviction that the voices of America’s church leaders must be heard as the nation continues to debate the meaning of marriage.”  Teetsl says that “While expressing appreciation for those who have already engaged, Hall and Wolf note that too many have chosen to remain silent.” 

Quoting Dietrich Bonhoeffer, the German Lutheran pastor and theologian during the Nazi reign in Europe, who said “Not to speak is to speak. Not to act is to act,” Wolfe and Hall said, “In that spirit, we implore you, with an urgency that the situation demands, to boldly lend your voice to the public square on this defining issue – for such a time as this.” 

Why is it wrong for Christians to withdraw support to a major retailer who is seeking to raise $120,000 to defeat an effort in Minnesota to keep marriage between a man and a woman?

Do I not hear the courageous voice of the German pastor crying out to us not to make the same mistake the German Christians made?  And that Wolfe, Teetsl and Hall are making?

Someone please make an intelligent argument from Scripture, why Christians should not engage in appropriate means to protect and preserve the fundamental God ordained institution of marriage between a man and a woman. 

Please…pastors!  Stand up!