Interest In The Bible To Effect The November Election?

An article in the New York Times observes that Christian leaders who send inspirational messages via Twitter are 30 times more likely to be retweeted than the most well known celebrities. The article also notes that the Bible has received 13 million “likes” on Facebook and 50 million Bible apps have been downloaded.

Fox and Friends today suggested that the retweets are an indication that people are far more interested in “beliefs and values” than currently thought, and reach millions more people than just the tweets themselves.

You would think this might be far more important for Americans to know and consider than the fact that, “George Zimmerman, charged in the death of Trayvon Martin, returns to Florida jail after judge revokes his bond“, as reported on the front page of

God is at work in America in response to the growing emphasis upon prayer, and the information age delineating daily what is happening around the nation and the world, including calamitous events, ongoing political atrocities and game playing, injustice, and imminent financial collapse. Add to that the prophetically outlined cauldron of the Middle East conspicuously fulfilling the reality spoken of by Jesus and the Prophets and you have a renewed hunger for Biblical truth in what is now perceived to be the “end times”. 

But that will not be reported nor seen as worthy by those who decide what they believe the American people want to hear.  In other words, what they themselves want us to hear and therefore, want us to think.

So be it.  It does not change the fact that a growing number of Americans are weary of the  media deception and continuous preoccupation with left wing agendas, the obscene, the disordered, the controversial, and the check out stand ad nauseum that has taken over their brains, as if it were gospel.

Come November 6th, it is our turn to have our say in returning to moral and marital sanity, respect for law, parental rights, freedom of speech, not expression, the Constitution and the will of the people.  It is no longer the supposed and exclusive right, or privilige of  the radical left to impose their  unenlightened, biblically hostile and enslaving darkness over us all in the name of caring for us, the trick of the devil as old as the Garden.

Pray the 20 million non voting Christians awaken to what has been perpetrated by the anti God crowd in America, pick up, fill out, and turn in a voter registration card, and do their homework before they cast their vote in November.

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