I Will Take Character Over Rhetoric Any Day

Do we really think Americans are so dumb that they will take smooth but empty words skillfully crafted, over character and commitment? That is what the media and political pundits would have us believe when they talk about who would beat Barack Obama, the master teleprompter orator in America today.  So what if he is?  The thinking public who scrutinize deeper than the surface are not about to be deceived again… or are they!  When 48% of the public approve of Barack Obama’s performance as President, you wonder which side of Mars and Jupiter they live on. Apparently the dark side where they can’t see the truth, and that should spur all of us who know what he and his radical democrat friends are about, into high gear.

After watching the Obama Administration and Senate Democrats push through far left legislation to the neglect of other pressing matters, we are no longer in a mood for rhetoric, weak leadership, foolish domestic and foreign policies, and a stymied economy.  The  American Voter is looking for someone with more depth, more character, more commitment and passion to do what is right on all fronts in order to give us back our rights, and our opportunity to thrive without the heavy hand of the Federal Government.  They won’t see that in Barack Obama. What they will see is arrogance, divisiveness, and blaming. 

In Ohio, a bellweather state, Santorum won the majority of Independent votes over Romney.  He won the Evangelical vote by 16 percentage points, and the under 30 vote.  The political strategists were surprised that Santorum did so well in Vermont, a liberal state. The anti Romney vote in Virginia was notable as well.

It is time for some reality here.  Santorum can defeat Barack Obama not by smooth words and superior debate style, but with heart, solid ideas, character, and passion.  There is a backlash in America against smooth talking, disengenuous, and polished politicians who lack leadership synthesized with character, which, consciously or unconsciously, we are all seeking in our next Commander-in-Chief.  Trust, after the current occupant in the White House, is all important this year and for my money, that will trump Obama’s smooth words any day.
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