Into The Fray

Part One

June 21, 2021

By Dale Witherington

Dear Friends and Supporters of Restore America,

It is an honor and privilege to address you as your new Executive Vice-President and Chief Operating Officer.

Restore America has a 22 year history of Christ-honoring excellence in our battle to save our Democratic Republic from godless Secular humanists, radical Islamists, and Marxists who seek to transform America into a totalitarian socialist state.

In this first of several messages I want to tell you about the direction our LORD is leading us. It is an expansion far beyond what we could only have imagine just a few short months ago, and reflects the Vision and Purpose of Restore America.

Restore America exists to promote Biblical Citizenship that restores righteousness in America, preserves liberty, ignites hope, and reclaims our nation’s Judeo-Christian heritage.

Since June of 1999, David Crowe, the board of Restore America, and over a hundred faithful donors have committed their time, prayers, and financial support to restore these values in over 20 states to help reclaim our Judeo-Christian heritage in America.

It has been a 22-year battle against powerful forces, both spiritual and physical, along with other like minded Christian organizations, to keep America from falling further into the hands of ungodly, and unrighteous leaders.

That battle has been waged primarily through the writings and presentations of Restore America’s Founder, President and CEO, David Crowe, and through the tireless prayers and efforts of many friends of the ministry to encourage Evangelicals in over 20 states, to register, mobilize, and vote their values.

Today the battle rages more broadly and with greater intensity than we might have anticipated just a few short years ago.

In his most challenging book, “Spirit Warriors: Strategies For The Battles Christian Men And Women Face Every Day” by former Green Beret and Pastor Stu Weber, we are awakened with the words, “Our God is at war. He is the ultimate warrior. We must envision ourselves on a rather vicious, cosmic battlefield. Our lives are not about ourselves. . . So, armor up, soldier! If you intend to survive this war, let alone make a contribution to victory, then you’d better read your orders very carefully. (High lights mine) You must gain an understanding of your personal mission and operational orders as a Christian soldier, male or female, in this spiritual war that spans the ages. . . Our God is a warrior. And He expects His kids, like good soldiers, to follow orders, to live like spiritual warriors. The battle is still raging. And you’re in it! Let’s strengthen your warrior soul.” (Taken from Chapter 1).

In other words, Christian, get in the fight. Engage in the battle.

Ah. There’s the rub.

At a recent Wallbuilders conference for legislators, guest speaker, George Barna laid out the following:

  • There are approximately 384,000 churches in America.

  • 72% of those 384,000 deny the deity of Jesus and Biblical orthodoxy.

  • Of the remaining 28% (roughly 107,000 churches), over 90% of the people in those churches are asking their pastors and/or spiritual leaders to assist them with issues of practical Biblical citizenship and the role of the church in
    government and the culture.

  • Only 2.8% of those churches are willing to provide that kind of education
    and equipping

If the average adult membership in America’s churches is 75, that means over 7.2 million Christians are getting no help from their spiritual leaders to equip them to engage in the cosmic battle that is being carried out in America.

In addition, there are 43 million Americans who have given up on the local church and attend house churches instead.

Bottom line: There are roughly 50 million American Christians who are asking for the kind of help Restore America can provide.

So how can Restore America address this need? By following the below principles:

  • Principle #1: Think globally, Act locally.

  • Principle #2: Collaborate

  • Principle #3: Create

  • Principle #4: Prioritize

  • Principle #5: Strategize, Organize, and Mobilize

  • Principle #6: Stay Philosophically Pure

  • Principle #7: Lead

Principle #1: Think globally, act locally.

A very wise businessman once told a youthful group of high-achievers that it was wonderful to hold on to the ideal of “changing the world”. He suggested they start by cleaning up their own bedrooms.

Likewise, we must start by “cleaning” up our local communities.

We will do that by establishing Community Action Teams (CATs) in every county in Minnesota and Oregon. As we establish that first step, we will set our sights on doing the same in Wisconsin, Michigan, and other key “swing” states that are crucial to changing America. But we will begin with the 87 counties of Minnesota, in preparation for the 2022 elections. (The newly chosen national headquarters for Restore America will be in Minnesota.)

Many CATs are already taking shape with a two-pronged strategy. The first includes local ministry service projects which might include assisting current parachurch ministries, women’s shelters, and recovery for trafficked women and children, all of which lay the groundwork for the second, and long term well being of the state.

The second, and simultaneous strategic effort includes recruiting, training and helping Biblically-principled Christian world view men and women get elected to school boards, local, state, and federal office.

For this second and critically important strategy to be fully functional, Restore America is currently in discussion with multiple like-minded believers to create a “Candidate School” for potential office holders.

Principle #2: Collaborate

Restore America is already working on significant collaborative relationships that not only assist us in achieving our ministry objectives, but more importantly, to mobilize the Body of Christ to change the outcomes of the key swing state’s and nation’s elections.

It’s time for the Body of Christ to step forward to help restore the nation instead of abdicating that role to the likes of CNN, Facebook, Twitter, Google, and Netflix. The technology is now available. It’s time we get on board.

Pray for His Guidance …. and the financial support we will need to implement our Plan. Both are needed.

I will cover Principles #3, and 4 in the Second Part of this 3 Part Series “Update”. Coming Soon. Watch for it!



“Our cause is noble; it is the cause of mankind!”

George Washington

Restore America

Resistance to tyranny becomes the Christian and social duty of each individual…
Continue steadfast and, with a proper sense of your dependence on God,
nobly defend those rights which heaven gave, and no man ought to take from us.”

John Hancock
Signer of the Declaration of Independence and Governor of Massachusetts

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